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Are you a member of a country club?

If you have always wanted to be a member of a country club, but never had the big bucks to join, well its about to change! If you are a member of a country club, then kudos, and you should be buying the rest of us beers at Rocky Mountain Pizza.

The Rocky Mountain country club is a country club for those of us who like to drink and eat at Rocky Mountain Pizza, probably more drinking than eating! To become part of the country club, all you need is to ask your server for a country club membership card next time you are at Rocky Mountain Pizza. She will ask you for some basic information (name, email, etc).

Present your card every time you dine or drink at RMP and you earn 5 points for every buck spent! These points are your friend and we will be dishing out some sweet stuff to those of you that frequent often. We are going to be adding stuff pretty frequently, but to start with check out these perks:

If you are not anywhere near the restaurant (why would you travel that far I am not sure) you can request your card via this handy form. We will mail it out to you pronto! Welcome to the club!


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