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RMP Country Club!

Are you a member of a country club?

The Rocky Mountain country club is a country club for those of us who like to drink and eat at Rocky Mountain Pizza, probably more drinking than eating! To become part of the country club, all you need is to ask your server for a country club membership card next time you are at Rocky Mountain Pizza and complete your information online.

Present your card or give the server your phone number every time you dine or drink at RMP and you will earn 1 point for every buck spent! These points are your friend and for every 200 points, you will get $10 added to your card to use whenever you would like!

Bonus Plan FAQs

What is the Point Structure?

  • Get a Point for Every Dollar Spent
  • Earn Double Points for Purchasing Gift Cards or Swag
  • Earn 200 Points and Get $10 add to your Country Club Card
  • Check Your Point Level Online!

How do I sign up?

  • Click Here to Sign Up
  • Enter all of your information, make sure you enter your phone number! This is how we will check your card if you lose it or do not have it!

How do I check my points?

I am already a Country Club Member, how do I check my points?